Commit d25e6978 authored by Per's avatar Per

bare9, are we done yet?

parent dd94f406
// now you are on your own.....
// look at the examples in the f4 crate
// try out the examples/
// connect an oschillocope to the pwm output
// check that you can control the pwm over the serial
// your assingment is to improve the user interface
// to take commands
// on // turn on the pwm output
// off // turn off the pwm output
// set p // p being the duty cycle in %
// and optionally
// freq f // pww frequency te f hz
// ... // your own commands
// I would suggest using the bare8 as a starting point
// and adding code from the pwm-control example
// you may look if `parse` can be of use to you here...
// make the command parser work first, and then add the pwm code.
// commit your solution (bare9)
// offers a good way to prototype and share code snippets
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