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LLVM KLEE strives to cover all feasible paths. When generating tests for errors encountered (paths to `abort`), KLEE will generate *one* test for each unique position in the source code that lead up to the `abort`. Code that emits a Rust `panic!()`, will all reach the same `panic_handler` (which calls into `abort`), and KLEE will detect the `panic_handler` as the source of the error, and consequently generate *one* such test. (Perhaps there is a way to force KLEE to generate one test per unique path leading up to the `panic_handler`, but we have not yet found it. Tech note: The `panic` implementation can unfortunately not be inlined as far as we have seen.)
As a consequence, you have to eleminate sources of `panic!()` one by one, which may be time consuming.
As a consequence, you have to eliminate sources of `panic!()` one by one, which may be time consuming.
We provide a set of macros `klee_abort`, `klee_assert` and `klee_assert_eq`, that gets fully inlined, allowing KLEE to generate specific tests for each failing assertion. Using these, all errors will be covered by unique test.
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