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* Be prepared to present assignment 5.
* Be prepared to present your project, 10 minutes per project.
* A good idea is to prepare a git for the project with a `` and use that as supporting material for your presentation. Its advicable to have a section (or in a doc sub folder) where you collect references to the material you will use, i.e., links to data sheets, links to other related crates and projects of importance to your project.
This type of reference section will be largely helpful to both you (during the project and afterwards maintaining it, but also to other users and people interested in your work). Moreover, from a "course" perspective it shows that you have done the necessary background studies BEFORE you "hack away". Of corse this will be a living document, updated throughout the project, but its a very good thing to start out NOW, then it can be used for your 10 minutes of fame!
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