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# llvm-pass-skeleton
# llvm callgirl pass
A completely useless LLVM pass.
It's for LLVM 7.0.
Per Lindgren, Nils Fitinghof, free for all license
Based on
Tested on LLVM 7.0 under arch linux.
## Build:
``` sh
$ cd llvm-pass-skeleton
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make
$ cd ..
Conseqitive re-build is done from the `build` directory using `make`.
## Run:
``` sh
$ clang -Xclang -load -Xclang build/skeleton/libSkeletonPass.* ctest/test1.c
$ cd ctest
$ clang -S -emit-llvm test1.c
$ opt -load ../build/skeleton/libSkeletonPass.* -callgirl test1.ll -o dummy.ll
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