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Added notes on how to install the docker container for KLEE support

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# SRP lab in d7020e
RTFM-4-SURE SRP analysis example
Install the following docker container
docker pull afoht/rtfm4sure
Create the container
This will create a folder in the current working directory named
In this shared folder the tools and the sources will reside.
How to create a new docker from latest image
docker run -it --name=rtfm4sure -v $PWD/klee_docker:/root/shared_dir afoht/rtfm4sure:latest /bin/bash
Now get the actual program (from your regular computer, not the container):
sudo chown $USER klee_docker
cd klee_docker
git clone
cd d7020e_srp
git checkout klee
With the container running, ensure that the docker can reach port 3333 on the host.
(Double check no firewalls block access)
Start OpenOCD on the host, connect it to your microcontroller.
openocd -f st_nucleo_f4_itm.cfg
The st_nucleo_f4_itm.cfg file is located in the git repo inside the docker (use two different terminals for convenience):
Finally, inside the docker shell:
cd /root/shared_dir/d7020e_srp
To run the suite of tools:
make bench
After a successful run the output folder contains a database and scripts for parsing this database.
SRP lab in d7020e
## Install
Open terminal
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