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Fixes for ITM version 0.2.0

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......@@ -34,6 +34,36 @@ The set of examples covers.
- `ITM` tracing truogh the file `/tmp/itm.log`.
- Access to `arm-none-eabi-gdb`.
# ITMDump
Install via
cargo install itm
Version 0.1.1 of ITM has a different syntax, the latest, version 0.2.0, see below.
Before running openocd run:
If this is the first time or if no /tmp/itm.log exists:
> mkfifo /tmp/itm.log
When the FIFO-file exists, do the following:
> itmdump -Ff /tmp/itm.log
ITM Version 0.1.1:
>itmdump /tmp/itm.log
# Openocd
Start `openocd` in a terminal window. (Status and semihosting output is visible here.)
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