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# ----------------------------------------------------------
# Group 1's "underlag" for Lab 1
# Pseudo-instructions may be used for Lab 1.
# ----------------------------------------------------------
# Group 1's Codeword Generator Subroutine (pseudocode)
# (remember: "seed" is a global variable, UNSIGNED INTEGER;
# you may implement local variables in registers or on the stack;
# result returned in v0; preserve all except t regs)
# n := [count the number of 0's in word "seed"];
# x := [rotate "seed" left by 30 bits];
# y := [shift "seed" right-ARITHMETIC by 6 bits];
# seed := x XOR y XOR n;
# RETURN( seed XOR 0x464b713e );
# END;
# hint: if "seed" is initialized to 0x3e944b9f,
# the first five calls will generate these values:
# 0x891432f9, 0x4aa1dccc, 0xc54270fa, 0x9885155f, 0xce83d1b8, ...
# your code is to be written farther down (see comment below).
# Group 1's Recursive Decoding Subroutine (pseudocode)
# (for "decode", all four local variables must be implemented ON THE
# STACK, and NOT in registers; implement the code literally,.
# no optimizations. We're trying to teach you something.
# remember: result returned in v0; preserve all except t regs)
# FUNCTION decode( wordarr, bytearr ): UNSIGNED INTEGER;
# (wordarr, bytearr passed by reference)
# x := ONE'S-COMPLEMENT of codgen();
# IF ([contents of word at "wordarr"] = 0) THEN
# [byte pointed to by "bytearr"] := 0;
# r := x;
# y := decode( wordarr+, bytearr+ ); # "k+" means "successor in k"
# m := ( x - y ) - [contents of word at "wordarr"];
# [byte pointed to by "bytearr"] := [the eight bits at "m"<20:13>];
# r := TWO'S-COMPLEMENT OF codgen();
# r := x + y + m + r + 5;
# RETURN( r );
# END;
# ----------------------------------------------------------
# The following are the ONLY lines that may appear in the
# ".data" section of the code. You may add NO other lines.
# NO additional global variables.
# ----------------------------------------------------------
plain: .space 132 # room for 132 characters
.align 4
seed: .word 0 # 32-bit UNSIGNED INTEGER.
abc: .word 0x9fdd9158 # string "abc", encoded
.word 0x85715808
.word 0xac73323a
.word 0
coded: .word 0x015e7a47 # the real encoded data
.word 0x2ef84ebb
.word 0x177a8db4
.word 0x1b722ff9
.word 0x5dc7cff0
.word 0x5dc9dea6
.word 0x1da0c15a
.word 0xe4c236a2
.word 0x3d16b0d0
.word 0x1f397842
.word 0xaae0d2ba
.word 0x11246674
.word 0x0845317f
.word 0xd5512dad
.word 0xb6184977
.word 0xd293a53e
.word 0x7d9c2716
.word 0xd917eae6
.word 0xd8852384
.word 0x286e46f9
.word 0xce566029
.word 0xcefe7daf
.word 0x62d726d4
.word 0x0dbaeb2d
.word 0x95f57c60
.word 0xed515141
.word 0x29b77d0f
.word 0x9f7b8d0c
.word 0x45a8395a
.word 0xfead2b72
.word 0x883d434c
.word 0xed8ddf60
.word 0xe51e65e4
.word 0x19bf6bb1
.word 0xfeb505ec
.word 0x662aa23c
.word 0xf6827cf8
.word 0xd1dc7a5c
.word 0x4fa5b066
.word 0x7ddd25a4
.word 0xa8ba8e8a
.word 0x72846227
.word 0xf8f636fb
.word 0x2b389a9c
.word 0xe4038bf6
.word 0x6e169877
.word 0xad028132
.word 0x84dbfe8c
.word 0x243762ff
.word 0x59c8f80c
.word 0xb6e0db4b
.word 0xedb8cab7
.word 0xcd4b39f6
.word 0xaf263741
.word 0x18d9965f
.word 0x1ab1f037
.word 0x5b458792
.word 0xc94d960d
.word 0xd45cedea
.word 0x2160aca3
.word 0x93c77766
.word 0x2d66e105
.word 0x9ff74d4f
.word 0x6dc22f21
.word 0x6b03d689
.word 0x5fc48de0
.word 0x1138f000
.word 0xccb58e57
.word 0xf9c8e200
.word 0x7ab26e3c
.word 0xc61dcb3e
.word 0x6aefccb0
.word 0x7a452f05
.word 0xa5cf0731
.word 0xa249383f
.word 0x628fe534
.word 0xcad81710
.word 0x7f616276
.word 0x3ce18308
.word 0xed4857ff
.word 0xd1e5b1d1
.word 0xc2e84dc2
.word 0xaa003742
.word 0xaf637488
.word 0x831afc48
.word 0x287a69a0
.word 0x6e04546e
.word 0x13dffa07
.word 0x3232fb10
.word 0xd69e2e09
.word 0x355d8dc7
.word 0xef902301
.word 0x9a89ac15
.word 0x967dc900
.word 0x08dc2b1c
.word 0x6b5be690
.word 0x894b0e02
.word 0xe26af9af
.word 0xa6fd3b23
.word 0xfcf213e5
.word 0x85217608
.word 0x7fd3be8b
.word 0xa2e757fb
.word 0x3717a341
.word 0x85ee426d
.word 0x394bb856
.word 0x12ac98c3
.word 0xec7d4ab5
.word 0x721b6989
.word 0x30e36360
.word 0xaa018403
.word 0x9ee61196
.word 0xa8697adc
.word 0x51e9d65a
.word 0x11023594
.word 0xc4c4b36b
.word 0xda80bf7a
.word 0xbd5a645e
.word 0x18cea918
.word 0xa723dda8
.word 0x0126c05e
.word 0x2962d48a
.word 0xd5f7d312
.word 0xb8947041
.word 0x7c1e2e9a
.word 0x945eeac3
.word 0x7110fb1c
.word 0xa7bc72cc
.word 0xdf47dfbb
.word 0x09a1c6c8
.word 0xc2e41061
.word 0
# ----------------------------------------------------------
# The following is the main program. You may not change this.
# You may only add your subroutines AFTER the "infinite end loop" instruction here.
# You MUST have two subroutines named "codgen" and "decode".
# BOTH must adhere to our calling conventions;
# both MUST preserve all registers except v-regs and t-regs;
# we are going to TEST for this when we run your code.
# ----------------------------------------------------------
.set noreorder
main: li $s0, 0x0e0657c1 # initialize "seed"
la $s1, seed # initialize "seed"
sw $s0, 0($s1)
la $a0, coded # address of start of coded words
la $a1, plain # address of start of decoded bytes
bal decode # outer call to recursive "decode"
b end # infinite loop; plaintext now in "plain".
# ----------------------------------------------------------
# Group 1's assembly code for Function CodGen :
# ----------------------------------------------------------
# your activation record diagram here.
codgen: # your code here.
# ----------------------------------------------------------
# Group 1's assembly code for Function DeCode :
# ----------------------------------------------------------
# your activation record diagram here.
decode: # your code here.
# end of file.
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